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Our Collective

Our Mission

Ubuntu is a community collective focused on serving women and children of the African diaspora. We curate creative and healing spaces that support well-being, restore balance and expand our awareness.

Ubuntu team seated with art in background, from left Hannah, Idel, Zhiizhii, Daphnée, and Elisha.

Our Vision

In a home setting with a fabric draped in the background, from left to right, Idel, Hannah, Elisha, Zhiizhii sitting in meditation with little girl seated in the middle.

We envision a flourishing community where mamas of the African diaspora are empowered to lead creative and intentional lives.

Our Team

Judith "Zhiizhii" Prince Director
Judith "Zhiizhii" Prince

I was born and raised in Toronto to Jamaican parents. I describe myself as a Pan-African and I live my life by design. I value all my life experiences that have shaped me. I am also a proud mother of 4 boys.


My education and work experiences have given me valuable skills. I am a chemist, teacher, translator, organizer, and visionary. My experiences travelling, living and working in southern Africa, Tanzania, West Africa and Jamaica taught me so much. The support and inspiration I get from communities of women and mothers empowers me to thrive so I founded Ubuntu Community Collective.


As the Director, I am committed to be a driving force that makes things happen at Ubuntu. I am a change-maker on a mission to centre and prioritize the needs of Black mothers in order to create new ways of existing.

Elisha Conover-Arthurs, Facillitator

My journey to Ubuntu involved transitioning to single Mother life, and wanting to continue living life grassroots, valuing and honouring the needs of women, community, other mothers, sisterhood, and creating places for children to be reflected in a healthy way.


Through a genuine connection and friendship, I joined forces with ZhiiZhii and then my dearest friends and sister became core group members. I am a healer, mother mentor, free birther, but mostly a teacher of Yoga, Meditation, Healing arts, including pre and postnatal doula work.

I support women through providing tools and conversation around true empowerment.

Elisha Conover-Arthurs
Idel Galbete, facilitator

Idel Galbete


I’m originally from Somalia and I’m a Traditional Birth Attendant. 


I walk with women serving them through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with coaching, holistic childbirth education classes, postpartum healing services, and womb meditation. 


My journey with Ubuntu has revolved around serving the mother in the highest ways and in supporting to create a community of sisterhood where we can truly witness each other in our growth, beauty and transformation.

Hannah Conover-Arthurs, Project Manager

Hannah Conover-Arthurs

Project Manager

I was born  and raised with my 3 siblings in Toronto, to a Canadian mother and Jamaican father. My sister Elisha and I have always been very close especially since she started having her own children 14 years ago. I have continued to be a caretaker for my sister and her children, helping her transition out of an abusive relationship over the last 4 years. When Lish told me about her work with Ubuntu I knew I would love to get involved.


Currently I am a Program Manager with Ubuntu. Watching my sister struggle to raise 4 children is what inspires me to keep working hard for all the single mothers out there, especially those in our community. It takes a village to raise a child and mothers need all the support they can get! At Ubuntu we are constantly finding creative, innovative ways to support our mothers and their families. I'm looking forward to what this year will bring!

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