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Our Projects

Creating safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for Black moms. 

We offer culturally appropriate programs for Toronto-based, single Black moms from Africa and the Diaspora.


Through our programs, we help women find sisterhood in motherhood. For us, that means building skills, enhancing wellness and cultivating a network of women-led families to provide peer support.


And thanks to our supporters, all of our programming is free! We supply all the materials our participants need for our programs. All they need to do is show up, and we happily take care of the rest.


About Our Projects

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We work tirelessly to support our community. Learn more about our efforts and how our work is making a lasting impact. 


An effective way to tune-in and treat yourself, visit our digital yoga offering - Chakra Check-in here.
In 2020 and 2021, we sponsored moms to attend daily Kundalini yoga classes offered by Mystic Seed Yoga

Workshop Series

We run monthly (virtual) gatherings with our participants to explore:

  • Black motherhood in a judgment-free space 

  • wellness and self-care techniques 

  • health and nutrition education including herbal medicine, essential oils,  healthy food choices 

  • creative self-expression through writing, music, arts and crafts

Skate Create Meditate


Our children need:

  • more social interaction in a community setting,

  • more physical and creative activities,

  • more time in nature, and

  • more opportunities to improve their mental health.


We want our children to heal from trauma and we want to increase access to safe skateboarding spaces for BIPOC youth in the area around the Children's Peace Theatre. Read our blog post and visit our Instagram page @skatecreatemeditate

Community Farming

Access to healthy food is challenging for many, especially single moms. That’s why we’re working to ensure mothers have better access to nutritious, high quality food all year round. 


In April 2020, we started the Grow Your Own initiative. We distributed over 100 seedlings to Black mothers who wanted to grow their own food and reconnect with land and nature. We supported each other along our journey up to the fall harvest and the impact was outstanding.

In 2021 we farmed on a 2,000 sq.ft urban farm plot at Downsview Park. We also partnered with Adinkra Farm, a Black community organization North of Toronto, to farm a quarter acre of land using organic regenerative no-till methods.​

Take Part in Our Projects

If you’d like to join our programs, get more information or collaborate on projects, get in touch!

You can also make a donation. Every bit helps.

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