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Moms & Tots Day at the Carrot Green Roof

On October 2, a surprisingly sunny day for the fall season, mothers and children from Ubuntu Community Collective were invited to the Carrot Green Roof Garden for an afternoon of learning, harvesting, and socializing.

Amy Cheng and Angel Beyde, stewards of the garden this past summer, had been donating fresh produce to our mamas on a weekly basis in September, and it was refreshing for us to all connect to wrap up the season.

While they were getting ready to put the garden to bed for the season, a great opportunity was presented for us to really make use of the food left in the garden one last time and get our families to connect with the soil and most importantly, one another.

We all learned about the herbs and vegetables and as well shared our own knowledge about how we use them in our day-to-day.

We got to harvest lots of herbs and our children got to roam in a magical garden in the sky.

It was an afternoon of simple yet profound joy and pleasure. We got to see our babies at new stages of growth and share a safe space.


photos: Angel Beyde

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