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Workshop Wrap-Up, The Healing Continues

We ushered in the equinox and celebrated the official arrival of spring with an in-person gathering to conclude our seven Creative Healing workshops.

This year, we started in November and held six workshops online. Each workshop focused on themes related to one of the seven chakra energy centres in the body, as shown below.

To start our first workshop, we explored the Root Chakra and the notion of security, home and meeting our basic survival needs. For us mothers, food is an essential tool to express our love and nurture ourselves and our families. We consciously put together care packages to create an experience for our mothers to build a connection with herbs in the comfort of their own homes. Guided by our facilitator, Elisha from @MysticSeed_, we explored 24 different plant allies in the package, their healing properties and demonstrated how to make an ACV tincture at home. It was special to learn so much from each other as everyone had their own selection of herbs that they turned to for support at home.

Our second workshop explored the Sacral Chakra and the themes of self-care, self-love and sensuality. We focused on the womb, made art on a stencil of the womb, and unpacked common issues we experience with our wombs. Our facilitator Idel Galbete, from @birthwithdivine, led a womb healing activity that helped us move the energy we trap in our sacred womb centre. Our care package included a luxurious range of self-care products to tap into our divine feminine power.

In January, we started the calendar year with a workshop focused on abundance and our relationship with money. The Solar Plexus Chakra, the centre of our willpower and self-worth, was brought to the forefront by our guest facilitator Tanika Riley, a certified financial planner. We discussed transforming our past beliefs and programming about money to becoming abundant money magicians. She provided tools and tips to improve our relationship with money and left us feeling confident about our journey toward financial literacy.

Our Heart Chakra workshop focused on having authentic conversations and connecting with our inner selves. Alongside our mothers, we discussed the importance of boundaries and collectively discussed ways we can commit to the ongoing process of healing.

In our 5th workshop in February, Keosha Love (@keoshaloveee), an artist, activist and educator, allowed us to find our voices as we channelled our Throat Chakra. We explored concepts such as misogynoir, the importance of self-advocacy and even expanded our creative capacity for wellness through writing/spoken word. Our Collective captured our mother’s words and beautifully created a poetic voiceover that was an empowering moment for all.

As we moved along to our Third Eye Chakra, we focused on the value of manifesting visions. Commencing with affirmations to get us grounded, we dived into our creative activity for the session, mandala dot painting. This session was unscripted and authentic because we allowed space for discussions to flow naturally. The mandala painting activity silenced our inner critic and induced a calm, meditative state which allowed us to be present and open.

To wrap up the Creative Healing Workshop, channel our Crown Chakra, and welcome the first day of spring, we held an intimate in-person session. It was an energy-raising, soul-fulfilling, and self-loving packed day. We grounded with some yoga, flowed with energizing movement and uplifted through sisterhood. It was a divine experience cultivated in a sacred space and a reminder that the journey of healing doesn't have to be a lonely one.

What's Next?

While we have wrapped up our Creative Healing Workshop Series this is more of a “see you later” than a “goodbye.” Over the past three years, we’ve evolved and managed to pivot and cultivate an empowering experience virtually to allow Black mothers to feel more connected in a time of widespread isolation. We intend to continue nurturing our mothers by staying connected through our various initiatives as the seasons change. Our latest cohort of mothers are continuing to receive support to access mental health services through the generosity of the Toronto Foundation's Black and Indigenous Futures Fund. We also look forward to welcoming new mothers and helping them embark on their creative healing journey. Find out how you can get involved!

Support Our Work!

Ubuntu Community Collective accepts monetary donations through e-transfer (info"at" and Paypal. A tax receipt can be issued for donations made through Canada Helps or by sending us an email at info"at" Our Trustee is The Children's Peace Theatre, a Canadian registered charity who will be issuing tax receipts on our behalf.

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