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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Session II Sunday August 22, 2021

Our August event was a success and it was a beautiful afternoon to connect with the families that registered for this monthly program.

We started out together with stretching and intentional breathing session to ground ourselves and connect mind-body-soul.

In this month’s creative component, children made sticker designs to sticker bomb their new boards and our mobile skate structures. Children also worked on their grip designs and continued assembling their skateboards.

Parents made jewellery that included a selection of traditional beads from Ghana. Children continued to develop their skills with our team of skateboard Instructors. To make sure everyone stays hydrated, participants got a branded Skate Create Meditate water bottle!

Families are always happy to engage with us and If you didn’t register for this program that started in July, you can join us at our Thursday drop-in.

Drop-ins in September are from 4pm to 7pm on Thursdays at the Children's Peace Theatre.

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